Quality Outdoor Furniture

Maintenance-free, durable and comfortable outdoor furniture designed and made in the USA.

Built for the great outdoors

See what sets us apart from your average outdoor furniture.

Durable Material

We warrant that any UDOF product won't crack, rot, or splinter. Our unique recipe doesn't allow it to break down or become brittle from the sun or cold.

Built for Comfort

Our furniture is made from recycled HDPE, a naturally flexible polymer that molds to your body for exceptional comfort.

Made from Recylables

Approximately 93% of what goes into our furniture is from recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), or recycled plastic milk and water jugs.

Furniture without compromise

Guaranteed for 35 years never to crack, rot or splinter. We have mastered this secret family recipe for plastic lumber, and it surpasses all others. Over 40 years of design expertise and plastics-engineering experience enable us to supply you with furniture you can rely on. These are proven designs that will stand the test of time.

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Close up photograph of plastic lumber

Comfort in flexible materials

Made with HDPE, a naturally flexible polymer, that molds to your body for exceptional comfort. It will not crack, rot or splinter and due to our unique recipe it won't break down or become brittle from the sun or cold.

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Furniture pieces in various colors

Crafted to be Colorfast

Our material will not fade more than 3% over a 10-year period; a color change that is generally not noticeable to the human eye. The color runs throughout each piece and has a UV-inhibitor incorporated into the material to minimize the chance of brittleness or discoloration.

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